Sunday, November 22, 2009

Aluminum as art.

Once upon a time, I joined a group who were creating a periodic table with only the following requirements: your element must be made in a printmaking form, be 6"x6", display the atomic symbol & no. somewhere in your design. I picked two elements, Aluminum & Thorium. This blog post is dedicated to Aluminum! I am not going to go on and on, off on a tangent about how I love aluminum; you can read all about THAT in the listing for the print in my ETSY shop.

I just want to give the Aluminum print some extra love here :-) The project as a whole can be viewed here. This project was the brainstorm of Jenn Schmitt come to fruition. She collected all of the prints from the contributors and has put a lot of time into promoting our Printmaking Periodic Table and getting exhibitions lined up for display of the periodic table. I think that Jenn Schmitt is tops and appreciate everything she has done. No slouch of a printmaker herself, check out her ETSY shop here. She does really beautiful work & I enjoy how she layers colors.

Have a happy sunshine day y'all!