Monday, December 10, 2007

Bizzy Busy Bizzeeee

That is what I've been lately. I need to get some new artwork listed in my shoppity shop but I've been trying to get another etsy shop together which is a collaboration of 2 great minds (har har har) called Marge & Vina, to make vegan friendly soaps, bath salts, home items....etc. We've got the shop ready to go, it is just waiting for me to list something....anything :-P Besides still trying to hash out some good formulae for soaps, I've got some upcycled bowls to list if I could just find my flippin camera! *to the oh tanenbaum! melody* "Oh cameraaaa, oh cameraaaaaa, where the hell have you gooooone" Ergo, what do you call on online seller who cannot photo her product? a non-seller *insert feeble rimshot here*

In the end, it is gonna be fun I think :-) You may visit the shop and with any luck, I will have found my damn camera by then so that you can peruse more than just the banner! weeeee. Also, the shop will be tying into my new-to-vegan blog once it gets cookin, good lookin. tah-tah!

To visit shop click here
To visit the bloggy click here


Athena said...

Good luck with the shop!! Did you find your camera yet?

DC Designs said...

oh a new blog! runs to check it out.

the bowl is so cool!!!

Sylvie said...

I love your new shop, Elli! You have inspired me to find new ways to recycle paper from magazines and of course, telephone books. I'll let you know what I come up with. I hope you have a wonderful new year filled with joy, good health, love, peace and prosperity. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

hi I wanted to buy one of your art work to past on shirt .

email me
use subject line when email me please ... =)