Thursday, April 9, 2009

We shall refer to this period as, The Absence

Yes, yes, yes, I took a look at my blog the other day and realized that I hadn't posted since 2007. Seriously, 2007? What in the hay happened to 2008.

*hangs head in shame*

Truth be told, I was very busy with anything other than artwork for the majority of 2008 :-( boohoo. On the upside, I did get a new camera to play with but alas, haven't even posted any photography to prove it, so I must smack my own hand and get some stuff up here! Certainly the few followers I had have abandoned me by now!

For my artsy fartsy side this past year, I've had a few things cooking....oh....well...yeah, cooking has been part of it. Trying to keep myself fed as a new vegan has kept me in the kitchen and out of most restaurants AND fast food drive thrus. Anywho, I've currently got 2 more art collaboratives with Moly X and am working on creating a website for a local restaurant, besides my day job making technical drawings for a civil engineering firm.

So, in the future look for some posts about the Moly X projects, update on the Printmaking Periodic Table project, website design madness & photography.

*blows kisses* Thanks for peeking in :-)

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